Fukushima, The Final Blow

Fukushima, The Final Blow

April 26, 2011

Updated 10.25.12

When I heard about the earthquake in Fukushima, Japan, I thought how terrible it was. When I heard about the nuclear disaster that happened because of the earthquake, I thought about the danger that could impact us here in America and throughout the world. Researching the dangers of nuclear radiation and learning about “safe levels” of radiation brought some comfort to my fears until I learned the truths. However, after seeing a picture of a large whirlpool close to the shores of Fukushima, I thought how odd it was and no explanation could be given. Hoping to find explanations about this unusual occurrence, little to no reports were posted. When I read a small article posted in a Non-Main Stream Media report suggesting possible HAARP activity, a red flag shot up in my mind indicating possible foul play. Look carefully at the image below of the massive whirlpool that was created after the Tsunami. Compare that image to the radar images taken of HAARP activities affecting the weather patterns of the geographical areas in the following pictures.

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To understand more in detail as to what HAARP is and how it can be used, read the following links:

Being familiar about HAARP and its capabilities, the foremost question in my mind was “why would they (the Globalist Elites) do this and how they could benefit from it?” Concentrating on the repair progress and realizing a possible growing danger to all of us, I began to research the dangers and effect of nuclear radiation and soon found out the horrific outcomes. It was not until I saw this photo of “HAARP RINGS” that led me to research the possibility that this was a man made disaster caused by the Global Elite.

Here’s an article that suggest HAARP activity induced the Fukushima earthquake.


This links show HAARP activities at the same time as the earthquake


So begins the “Conspiracy Theory” and the major question “Why would they be so stupid to do something like this and put themselves in danger as well?”. Knowing about their “Depopulation Agenda”, it still did not make sense to me. Quickly realizing that effort to contain the radiation leakage emitting from the reactors was becoming a losing battle, my main priority was to learn and find products to protect my family and me. When I learned that “There is NO SAFE DOSAGE LEVEL WHEN INGESTED”, I started to freak out. They just opened up “Pandora’s Box”!!!! We are so SCREWED!!

Hazards of low level radiation (pdf file)


With no place to run or hide, I was determined to find remedies, affordable ways to protect against radiation fallout. The information that was being told to the public on ways to protect you is misguided and incomplete. They fail to address the “MULTIPLE” types of radiation being emitted into the water and air. Their focus was on the one that was easy to keep panic down by saying it is still within the “SAFE DOSAGE” level and comparing it to a x-ray or a long air flight. Also eating foods containing high iodine and of course staying indoors in adverse weather conditions. They (mainstream media and govt. officials) insistence on everything being safe and no harm to human life in spite of startling reports of high radiation emission sent again, red flags up. Why are they telling people this stuff? What became even more bizarre was the fact that they started to stop monitoring because radiation levels were beginning to get too high and in the case of Alaska fisheries, pulling out monitoring devices and stating no need to continue monitoring because everything is OK.

Articles to stop monitoring



Article to stop monitoring Alaska Fishes


When radiation levels started to detect higher levels, what boggled my mind was that they decided to “UP” the safe dosage levels. On top of that, articles inferring that “Radiation is Good For You” blew me away. Reading the comments, I was flabbergasted into reading how some people concurred with those ideas. I decided to look at “Pro Nuclear” sites and was amazed how they were blasting “Protesters” and “Scientists” against nuclear power and weapons. I was startled and unnerved by their emotional opposition to protesters and alike advocating the benefits of nuclear power. I could foresee fierce battling happening between these two opposing forces in the near future. The nuclear industry is huge and so is the support for it as well.

Safe levels of radiation


Radiation is Good for You?



Nuclear Industry info


Nuclear industry liabilities


Lets regroup and take a look at where we are now with all this information. The earthquake in Japan was possibly man made utilizing HAARP technology that created a nuclear disaster that is emitting highly toxic radiation into the water and air since March 11, 2011 and getting worse with no plans assuring that the problem can be contained and made safe. Mainstream media and US Government downplay of the dangers of radiation fallout coming to us, increasing the “safe dosage level” to the extreme that it is good for us as well. The nuclear industry is huge in size and economy, having strong public and government support. That leads us now to the “Depopulation Agenda”.

There is great fear that the growing world population of mankind cannot be supported resulting in scarcity of natural resources that maintains human life. The outcome will result in widespread poverty and panic that will destroy mankind itself. Looking at this from the “Globalist” viewpoint would endanger their wealth and control of mankind. Therefore, to protect their interest, “Depopulation is key to maintaining their status quo via One World Government through avocation of a “New World Order” and implementing “UN Agenda 21 of Sustainable Growth” concepts. Man made wars, diseases, adverse weather control designed to depopulate the world is not enough. However, keep in mind that to do this and not profit from it is unacceptable as well. It must be foremost in planning depopulation campaigns that “Profit” has to be realized as well.

Dangers of Overpopulation (just a few examples)




I (New World Order) Depopulation


UN Agenda 21


Globalist induced disaster toward population reduction (some examples)

Keep in mind, it was not done just for depopulation purposes in my opinion.

DU Weapons – note: in spite of opposition, it is still being used today (Libya for example)


H1N1 Flu Virus




Update: 30 min video “Secret Sky Experiments”


Update to chemtrails  now chembombs


Gulf Oil Spill


HAARP on Hati


HAARP on China


If you investigate each one deeply to find out who profited from these disaster or created changes that gave the globalists greater controls, these acts were done to profit as well as depopulate. In essence, “Killing 2 Birds with 1 Stone” so to speak.

Taking all this into accounts, the big question still remains as to “Why create such a disaster that endangers the entire world for centuries to come?” Why Japan?

Japan is the 3rd largest world economy today. The true wealth remains hidden within the savings of the Japanese people, not the government. It is also out of reach by the Globalist in having and controlling this immense pool of wealth. Although they control the government, they are unable to effectively tap into this pool of money for themselves. Breaking the Japanese economy is key to grasping onto this “pot of gold” for them and gives opportunities to take greater control of their overall assets in Japan.

Another factor is that the Japanese culture by nature is very passive. This is primarily due to the fact that they must learn to tolerate and get along with each other in a highly dense population on a tiny piece of land. To Westerners, this makes them appear to be weak and docile in nature. Proof of this is how little crimes have been committed and with minimum public panicking happening. However, what they don’t know is that once “awaken to the truths” they will become a force not to be reckoned with. I know, I’m Japanese too. So overall, this makes them an “ideal target” with strong motives for obtaining more wealth and control.

It is interesting to note that there were 2 articles that I can no longer find that talks about the Chief of IMF canceling his meeting with Japan’s PM regarding a loan in which they were going to decline. The other article talks about the immense savings that the Japanese people has that backs the Bank of Japan today. Therefore, I cannot prove that information but what I can show is that prior to the earthquake, Japan’s economic position was to build asset reserves and promote small businesses and alike to boost the economy. From what I can tell, there was no mention about loaning the IMF money. The fact that they have after the earthquake is evidence that it contradicts the financial strategy that they were about to embark upon. Now, there are suggestions being made to increase taxes upon the people of Japan to cover the costs to rebuild in addition to loaning money to the IMF that doesn’t make any sense why they would at this time.

Japan to conserve and build asset buffer to forecasted slump in western economy before the earthquake


Japan to loan IMF after earthquake happen


Japan to dip into public pension fund to cover shortfall after the earthquake


Japan considers jumbo tax hike after the earthquake


So this shows how in one way, they are extorting monies from Japan at the same time crippling their economy which sets them up for a possible take over or increase whatever controls they currently have. Still the questions remain as to why would they do this at the same time endanger themselves? It wasn’t until I came across this article that put all the pieces together and also answers the question of why there has been an almost blackout of mainstream media reports on Fukushima’s condition and radiation output which is getting even more critical.


Ex-RAD® (ON 01210.Na) is in Phase I clinical testing as a radiation protection agent. Radioactive contamination and injury from ionizing radiation can arise from accidents involving nuclear reactors and industrial or medical sources. Recent events have highlighted the potential for non-accidental radiation injury as a result of malicious, criminal, or terrorist actions. Pharmaceutical agents that can “prevent and repair” cellular radiation damage can help in mitigating radiation injury.

Using a cell biology-based screening approach, we identified Ex-RAD® that provided protection from lethal ionizing radiation. Ex-RAD® development, which is initially focused on military applications, is being supported by a funded collaboration with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). Ex RAD® is being developed according to the FDA’s Animal Rule – Marketing approval for new countermeasures for which human efficacy studies are not feasible or ethical would be based on animal studies and Phase I safety data in healthy volunteers, without Phase II or Phase III clinical studies.


Having this drug and who knows what else they have in their arsenal of protective products and devices clearly indicates to me that they are not worried about the radiation fallout. Since radiation sickness can take many forms of illness resulting in slow to fast death rates, this is why I think they are blocking out media info on Fukushima to buy time to have this product available. Once the general public knows about the dangerous radiation emitting from Japan to us here in America and elsewhere, they can play the “Savior” by introducing the product to us and of course at a price. With Obamacare in effect making it mandatory for everyone to have health insurance, they can further extort more money from both the people and the government at the same time. Because of the delay in providing the product to the general population, many will still get sick and die in time as well as future babies being born with health defects generating more money for the health industries. It will be the counteracting force that will depopulate the world in conjunction with expanding their wealth, power and controls. If you add Fukushima, Chernobyl, all the other nuclear power plants, contamination from DU bombs used primarily in the Middle East and all the previous nuclear tests made, they have created an already toxic environment even more deadly. Having control of this wonder drug will bring the general populations of the world to their feet in gratitude and enslavement. I have to admit, it is quite an ingenious plan if it is true.

To add the icing on the cake, there is a new type of hedge fund that will extract even more money from the general economy.

Dead Pool Hedge Fund – this really takes the cake!!

Healthcare scoring for the “dead pool”: hedge funds betting on how long you will live

“The solution? A bond made up of life settlements would ideally have policies from people with a range of diseases — leukemia, lung cancer, heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s. That is because if too many people with leukemia are in the securitization portfolio, and a cure is developed, the value of the bond would plummet.”


This is why I believe Fukushima is the Final Blow that will activate all the things they have been developing like the underground bases throughout the country, undersea water bases and strategic containment camps. The IMF just made a statement that China will surpass the USA as the leader of the world economy in 2016. I view that as their target date that will spark some kind of worldwide event unless 2012 is real and does something to change their plans. Not sure, just speculating.

Videos of underground bases


China to surpass USA economy by 2016

What this means is that we cannot justify the dollar as the world reserve currency making the dollar open to hyperinflation. That could mean a loaf of bread would cost 50 bucks or more!!!! (exaggeration)


Here is a recent article that I have added since writing this piece. It talks about how mixing plutonium and barium in the atmosphere, they can create a toxin that is short lived and almost undetectable. It support my theory on depopulation and furthers the need to start an aggressive individual detox program and personalized radiation monitoring service in your physical locality. Google “instadose” by Quantum Company for monitoring device.

Fukushima plutonium meets chemtrails barium

This report is scary and obscene, this just further proves my theory of depopulation and the extent they are willing to go. This method of indiscriminate killing is totally barbaric because even though they may target a specific group, they don’t have control of the weather pattern completely. Therefore, untargeted groups may be affected. This is truly a good example of how treacherous and evil thinking these elites can be.


About 2012, here’s something I found that was done by the Dept. of Navy

Which I thought was a bit odd for them to publish this and not say anything.


What can we do about it? Not a whole lot to stop them, but for myself, now that I know, I plan to focus more on what I want to happen for me and my family. There are still ways to naturally keep you free of internal radiation and have clean water and foods. Just takes more money, effort and discipline to do so. I can still find happiness and joy by keeping focus on things that will give me those feelings. The more attention I give them (the globalists), the less joy and happiness I will have. Simply put, whatever you give your attention to good or bad, the more you will draw to you situations that will emulate those feelings. We all have the same powers within us, you just have to believe it and do it. There’s a quote of an unknown author that I memorized when I was a teenager. It goes like this:

For every problem under the sun,

There is a remedy, or there is none,

If there be one, try to find it,

If there be none, never mind it!

Peace, Joy & Happiness is your Remedy….. FIND IT!!

Here are 3 quotes that I say to myself when things get me down. It helps me to put things back into proper perspectives and re-energizes my beliefs.

“Look for a Thought that Feels Better”


(based on what you are thinking)


(Thanks and Much Love to You)

P.S. If you think what I’m saying is a bunch of crock, watch these videos. The first video is a lecture by a Brain Scientist that explains how the brain works. The other video talks about a suppressed science called “Epigenetics” whereby your “thought” programs your genes.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor


Epigenetics Articles and Information


Videos :http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=epigenetics&aq=f

Various videos links on youtube explaining epigenetics studies.

I did my homework, isn’t this a good time to do yours now?

Additional added updates

Note: I wrote this in April 2011 so some of these links may be broken by now. Since then, many experts and public figures have been commenting on the increasing dangers stemming from the Fukushima disaster. Here are some updated links describing the situation in Fukushima on what really happened and the dangers surrounding all of us about nuclear radiation. Also info supporting related to this situation.

A Historian in Japan describing the events of the disaster


A Retired General comments about Fukushima


Fukushima Fact Sheet 1 Yr Anniverary


A well made video about Fukushima. It’s about 60 mins long.


WHO (World Health Organization) statement on “No safe low level of radiation”


i just read an article, see the link, it states that just one of the reactor readings is estimated to be between 100,000 to 1,000,000 sieverts and hour.


now here’s a link of a radiation dosage chart, on the bottom right, it says 8 sieverts and hour is fatal. Do the Math.


An Unhealthy America

This website shows how unhealthy americans are getting and the economic impact in health care costs. It makes sense now why “Obamacare” was a priority to implement. Look at the projected revenue estimates for health care costs. Also, keep in mind the “Dead Pool Hedge Fund”, “there’s gold to be made from people getting sick” and “we will continue to hold Fund Raiser’s for the Research Money until we can find a Cure” The common denominator of nuclear radiation poisoning, EMF radiation, GMO crops, Chentrails/Chembombs, Flouride, and a host of other toxins is that they cause some form of cancer and/or other types of Chronic Illnesses that cannot be traced as being the cause. Of course cigarette smoking can. Do you see the word “STUPID” written on my forehead?


The purpose of writing this posting is to increase overall awareness of the dangers in our environment.  The eventual outcome of the Fukushima disaster will determine the ‘path’ that we will take affecting mankind and all living things on this earth.  It may take future generations to resolve this problem one way or the other.  I hope the need for my “PEAR System” concept never comes about but at the way things looks at present, it seems inevitable to me.  So I hope someone reading this and sees and agrees with me the dangers that lies ahead will have the skills, knowledge or resources to develop this product concept that would be affordable to all.  “A Strong Defense Supports an Effective Offense”