Saving the Children of the World Will Unite & Free Us All Soon!

by Hiram Hiramoto

3 March 2021 by Hiram Hiramoto

Upon listening to Abraham Hicks whom I give all credits to that guided me to realizing what, how, & why all that is going on in the world today. The proof and evidence will be the overall reaction by all people in the world when exposed. That time draws near and certain. How can this be proven? The proof is answering this one question, Are All Children of the World Worth Saving and Protecting? Your answer and knowing what people you know would think and feel will answer the question as to whether or not Saving the Children of the World is worth uniting and putting aside our differences to weed out all the evil people who are involved which are many.

If we take a “Moon Shot” look at ourselves versus 30,000 feet or whatever, we will also realize that we got “Neighbors” in a neighborhood unlike the likes we have ever seen and only a handful of people know and keep secret. This in turn, led me to realizing that we live in a very “coded” & “secretive” type global society. So the bottom line is this, “how much do we really know that is true or not?” Personally, I don’t know but can speculate for sure that what is going on in this world right now is not normal nor right. Both Govt/Media and Patriots all over the globe are all hard at work against each other including myself until now. I now know and understand in general what is going on today. Waiting, watching & doing what I can to alert others so they can position themselves in a better place. That’s really all we can do for ourselves “individually” too. It’s must be that way too.

When we talk about justifying “Majority Rules”, that’s great when you are the majority but how do you feel about it when you are not? You can screw me for the good of all? Sorry, no thank you. Well, imagine a “Cause” that would ignite all the people of the world to stand up and say “No Thank You” and “Good-bye”.

I remembered a time before seeing missing children on milk carton days. I had to go back that far in memory to realize today is not even close to what America was like growing up. How many generations have we gone thru up to now? That’s how many people who don’t know what it was like back then. What group of people have the virus targeted primarily? Does that seem like it was coincidental? Have you really stop and taken time to just look around and ask yourself does all this feel right or normal that is being reported on today? Have you taken the time to really find answers to where you now feel OK about everything? Or does the answers still troubles You?

I credit Abraham Hicks because she inspired me to look into myself for the answers by asking questions similar to these but perfectly worded. There is so much to learn and joyful to create our own realities. To do this in a manner not to interfere with others and to do no intentional harm. This epic moment of this “Great Awakening” is US, to know who we really are and why we are here. It all about You & Me. Just how we all get there is as it is now, for some it will be easy, hard or not at all.

The term “Evil” has been distorted in its meaning to what is really should mean. Negative Vibrations. We categorize things and “either-or”, good-bad”, etc. but isn’t there a 3 choice? Neutral? I like the phrase ” I don’t Care either way”. I have been haunted lately with the idea that all things come in 3. To this day, I look to prove that wrong and unable to find a situation that would prove it wrong. What this idea infers is that all situations have 3 possible outcome or are designed by 3. Examples are “the father, son and holy ghost”, forward, backwards & neutral, Ying, Yang and Centered, yes, no or maybe, and so on. These all have 3 distinct choices. There’s a connection to all of this but uncertain as to why. I am digressing but I wanted to throw this in too.

Between that point of Positive and Negative, Meditation is the best way to describe it where you try to find your point of entry into either side. What does evil rituals or going to religious services try to accomplish? To draw you towards the direction they want you to move towards of thinking and believing in promoting their agenda as being yours. It depends on how gullible we are into believing their beliefs as to where you positioned yourself with them.

So if you can remember if all things come in 3’s, but you see only 2 sides, have you questioned what the 3rd would be? If there is a 3rd choice at all? Truth is factual where as fact may not reveal the total truths. It may only reveal parts of the larger truth that is still hidden of its intended purpose. Is it possible that by uncovering the 3rd alternative may reveal that larger truth? A question unanswered is a problem unsolved yet or may lead to another problem making the problem a “symptom” and not the real problem. Many solutions do not resolve the problem and can be used to manipulate choices made designed to solve another problem that is hidden. A good example have been the Stimulus Bills passed, was any of them written to solve the problem? Why are we working on a 3rd stimulus where the first one should have covered us until the virus was under control? Why do people condemn those who ask such questions and become so hostile and threatening? Is that logical in anyway that is suppose to protect you? Yet many allow those to be persecuted and support such actions while complaining how things are getting so bad too. Unbelievable how people can behave sometiimes.

To circle back to my point, soon I think we will all witness how the majority of the people in the word will react when they learn about the real truths of what has been for a long time going on in the world. How all this is going to change for the overall betterment of mankind. If I am wrong, then I can eat crow while all of you can laugh. But if I am right, how will you act? What are you going to do? It matters not to me because I know the direction to where I am headed towards. A direction that you are more than welcome to come along too and not away from. Depending on where you are at with yourself, a yes or no may not be right at the moment but a “maybe” may just position yourself to a better place. A 3rd choice if you will.