Final Chapter: New Beginnings 2020 3rd American Revolution

Today is March 1, 2021, the start date of the coming of “The Ides Of March” that is projected to be March 15. However, due to the overall complexities and hurdles to overcome to make this and other events to happen, cannot be guided by timelines. Rather, by key events to happen as planned. Every battle won or lost affects how and when future events will occur. Setbacks are expected to happen and therefore patient, secrecy and careful planning is needed to overcome such adversities. These are not excuses but facts because it always happens in most cases when looked back upon from start to end and more than once too.

As we inch closer to this “Grand Finale” in freeing ourselves from the grips of enslavement by the “Cabal”, increasing numbers of “Red Pill Moments” of People all over the world and waking up to realizing that they have been dumb down, deceived, oppressed and being slaughtered and raised like cattle to feed their grotesque needs and desires. From their perspectives, we are looked upon like a Rancher raising cattle awaiting to be slaughtered. When that sinks in, it will then lead quicker to their demise.

We are nearing that final chapter that will open the doors to a new “reality”. History is yet to be written about the outcome of the historical global war of “Right” vs “Wrong”, or “Evil” vs “Good”. Those still undecided will soon have to make their choice of what direction this planet and all the inhabitants of this world on whether or not they will live in a freer society where all will have opportunities to prosper and thrive or continue to “breed” as cattle to satisfy the lustful desires of the Cabal. They recently advocated in a ad towards their proposed “Great Currency Reset” paraphrasing to the effect of “Be Happy in Owing Nothing Anymore because we will forgive all you debts today” Really??? Because tomorrow, everything you possess will only be an illusion of “ownership” and can never become as wealthy as they are especially if not one of their “chosen ones” as lackeys. As one of them stated, “When they go Low, Kick them while they are still down!!” The people cheered when they heard that too!!

This invisible global war where all facets of the Cabal’s control is being used to keep a lid from the global public at large. They know they are losing ground fast as each day goes by knowing their destiny will be either death or life imprisonment. Therefore, to expect them to just give up because we “legally got them”, well, take that to the bank and see if they cash that in!!! It means nothing to them because look at what is happening now and already taken place. The southern border in chaos, criminals being released, corrupted law enforcement agencies and judicial systems, and corrupt politicians with unelected government officials calling the shot unaccountable for their actions or let off easy when found guilty. But, refuse to where a facemask or gather in too large a group, off to the bellows for you. Make a statement on social media that they don’t like, banned, censored, cancelled, or whatever they can to make your life miserable to trying to express your opinion that is detrimental to them. Follow the Science is one that really cuts the cake of hipochracy especially when caught lying. Changing the meaning of basic words are ways to get around lies or make a false point too. The language of politics and law were purposefully design to be complex and confusing as well as our financial system in order to hide their crimes. I know now what my professor meant when I took a Business Law course. He said at start of class, “Ignorance of the Law Excuses No Man”. In other words, GUILTY even if you aren’t aware of it to be Law. Think about that for a minute as to what that means. The Cabal is a superior force driven by the lust for greed, power that kidnaps, torture children, rape, harvest their blood and eat their flesh that is both a deadly addictive LSD type drug as well as a “fountain of youth” serum that keeps them young. It was this discovery that made way to boost organized efforts to stop it once and for all. Many years and sacrifices have been made up to this point to end this horrible chapter of mankind’s existence. This discovery is why they will fail to continue to rule anymore. Although we know this is a battle to the end, our choice is clear, live free or die trying because submitting to their rule will only means suffering and pain will be prolonged until you do die when no longer useful to them. There are billions of people to replace you so you mean nothing to them and looked upon as “Cattle”. Until the majority of the world’s population believes this as True, a Truth that I had much difficulty accepting, eliminating the Cabal totally will not happen. Why? Because there will be some who will in their disbeliefs, give sanctuary and help to seed their regrowth back to run amuck again. The amount of survivors and protection given will be the seeds of evil in the future. As the global society grows in population empowering itself with the new knowledge and understanding of who we are, it will shine light upon any emergence of the Cabal’s attempt to regain power again. As we grow stronger, they grow weaker and therefore focus upon empowering others to do the same in a never ending process until all people and new developing children to have effective learning programs in place.

We should look at the future then not in fear but excited and eager to take part of the beginning of “Humans” to become apart of a group of Alien Galactic Beings that oversees a quadrant of the known Universe. For Star Trek fans, to realize the chance to go to places no man has ever gone before in space is a dream come true. When this is slowly realized by all, it should be the turning point to make all “non-believers” of what is going on right now to become on track with the rest of the People in the World. We would then achieve “World Unity” as another Alien Race to join the Galactic Council of other Alien Races co-existing in our Galaxy. Those of us who had a sneak peek of the new technologies to come can hardly wait for it all to be revealed and given access to these technologies. It is totally incredible as to what they can do. The best part will be to interact with these alien beings and learn about their worlds.

It is understandable to me to not accept these allegations by most people because it would be totally demoralizing to know that the beliefs and truths that was accepted by all to be false and misleading is hard to swallow and admit. A really hard “Glass Ceiling” to break. However, as more truths are revealed, it becomes easier to accept because not believing will become the exception, and not the rule. As my Dad would say, “This Too Shall Pass” when I had my only 1 call to make during military basic training complaining on how badly we were treated. Hoping for some sympathy and advice, I replied “That’s it? This too shall pass, that going to get me thru this ordeal? Really? !! He replied laughing!! Lucky for him, it did help me get thru basic by repeating those words when times got bad. Didn’t really understood how or why it worked until years later. I have to chuckle when I use it other people to give advice and seeing their reaction like mine when I heard it for the first time. I know if they use it properly, it will help them get thru rough times.

In my first article about this subject, I talked about being ‘best of times’ and the ‘worst of times’, however, it is much clearer as to how much is now at stake. Until the epic moment happens that will expose all those involved, some their recent actions shows how desperate they are to hang on to power and control. These will be futile attempts to secure themselves but changes have been already done to block their efforts. MSM/Social Media is one of the few weapons they have left that will soon be lost. That will be their final moments of power dwindling away that will leave them exposed and defenseless to the people. This will be their final chapter of their existence and rule. A new beginning that will lead us toward space and beyond. To go where no man has gone before. The best is yet to come!!