Taking the “Clear Pill”

by Hiram Hiramoto

A Time for Celebration!!


Hiram Hiramoto


It will soon be revealed to the World where for centuries, a wicked Cabal that evolved and grew that has suppressed “All of Mankind” in the World will rule no more. An “Emergency Broadcast Alert” on all US communications that will announce information as to what will happen next. During this period, all will be revealed.

In keeping lockstep with the “Blue Pill – Red Pill” theme, I came up with I believe is the final pill, the “Clear Pill”. The Clear Pill represents “Clarity”. Upon hearing many “Truths” and realizing how horrific all that has happen as well as realizing all that you believe to be TRUE was all LIES/DECEPTIONS to keep you in control. Realizing all of this is like getting blasted with both barrels of a double barrel shotgun. It is unknowing as to how many will survive going thru this “awakening” and how it will affect them afterwards. The need for being respectful and compassionate towards one another during this period should be reminded to All.

Emotional Survivors from this outcome will gradually realize a whole new world of opportunities and creativity leaving all the hardships and negativity of the past. A world where “thinking outside of the box” is the new standard. Be able to shine a light upon darkness to expose and keep it out of harms way. Where the fears of NOT Trying is worst that Trying. Imagine that! So here lies the point of this story. When you take the Clear Pill and realize Who you are and what you are, you will know and understand why we exist. For we are all that exist and will be and during this existence, by creating more, we can also experience new joys in this never ending process. So enjoy the ride and go with the flow. It is a painful process to try and swim upstream. If you “ALLOW” yourself to not keep “Negative Emotions/Feelings” within yourself, it ALLOWS you to gently flow downstream. In other words, “Don’t Worry!! Be Happy!!.