2020 The 3rd American Revolution

by Hiram Hiramoto

Today is October 10th, 2020, well into the 10th month of this year. Tomorrow begins the process of nominating a new Justice to the Supreme Court. Within the next month, we hopefully will know who the next President of the United States will be too. The Global Pandemic still rages on while Mother Nature ravages the lands with floods, out of control wildfires, hurricanes plus more. Numerous various groups of people are at odds with one another of death, enslavement, destruction of property & goods that make it less safe, more impoverish for people all over the world. An overall global effect is more misery and sorrow and less joy and happiness. Disheartening to put it mildly.

What I see currently happening in America is an attempt to gather power and control of the US Govt as well as State and Local Public Offices as well. The results of the elections will determine who and where each side has gain or loss. Whoever the Majority will then determine what changes to expect forecasted. The 3rd American Revolution will begin anyway. The Winner will only determine how bad and intense the battles will be. However, the abilities of the Federal Govt to curtail or subdue whatever happens are strongly supported which then could lead to the transfer of power to the losing powers in control.

Who are the Enemies of USA? There are many and the best way is to divide them into 2 broad categories. The categories that I see them are:

  1. Outside Forces: Foreign Governments, Organized Radical Groups, Crime Organizations, and Globalist Elites.
  2. Inside Forces: Political Radical Parties, Lobbyist Groups/Associations, Various types of Media/Internet organizations, Deep State Operations, and Crime Organizations.

There are many “Conspiracy Theories” as to whose directly responsible for trying to overthrow the government. The fact that they exist should be proof to dismiss the notion that such forces do exist and should bear caution upon all people. These “Entities” having different agendas of their cause may differ but uses similar or same venues to achieve their goals. In some situations, they may collaborate where both parties would benefit where they both gaining more Power, Control, and Wealth. If you consider a common denominator “ulterior motive” of the “one’s lust for wealth & power”, it’s both understandable yet frightening.