2021 Year of the Great Awakening

We Are All Humans

The Golden Dragon Humanitarian Trust Fund

By Hiram Hiramoto March 6, 2021

The is a proposed outline of how I would use the Zim Bond Redemption Program for Humanitarian Global Aid. The goal of my ideas has 3 major components that are interrelated to one another. It is all based on a belief expressed by Abraham Hicks as to who we really are and why we are here. To understand fully the outline, you must first watch the video below that clearly explains it all.

In order for this proposal to work will require full support and agreement by the Elders of this being True. If it is decided that this belief is inaccurate and not true, then I will withdraw my proposal and return my Zim Note back to the Elders at ZERO redemption value and pursue this cause in other ways. I believe the best way and fastest way forward is thru this outline process. I know there are others who will succeed where I failed that will continue with this agenda. Additionally, other methods implemented will contribute greatly towards this goal too. Either way, I know eventually this will succeed in the future.

This is a message from Abraham Hicks that explains all that they desire for all of us to become where we can all thrive, prosper, and most of all become “Deliberate Creators”

The Outline

The end goal of this proposal is to create a process that to inform and provide easy and accessible means to become a “Deliberate Creator”. For simplicity sake, I have defined them into 3 major categories/process that will be determined in detail of each will operate.

Cat 1 Communicating the Message of Abraham Hicks and providing immediate access to programs to participate.

Cat 2 Provide Immediate Aid to all areas around the globe where people need life sustaining assistance now thru all means and expenses necessary until no longer a crisis. These are Temporary by design but maybe modified into permanent operations in the future.

Cat 3 Designing a “Level Playing Field” for all to be able to pursue their goals having full support to manifest it. In turn, showing others to do the same as well. In this category, key identified industries/businesses will be bought and control by those who are in support of this proposal. The intent is to prevent “Cabal Type Actions” to regain power to attempt to take control again making their competition of doing business a failure. This would also provide any profits made to recycle back into Cat 2 that provides front line aid to all those in need. It would become “Self-Supportive & Sustainable” for greater expansions and upgrades.

The Power of 3

The changes brought about by Nesara/Gesara by the guidance and support by the Elders has created enormous opportunities that will change everything in how we live and work today. We have learned that having a single leader will lead towards corruption and can revert back to where we are today. To circumvent that from happening, changing our management structure into Teams of 3 down to the operational levels (workers) will provide greater benefits to all in providing security, higher productivity outputs, less personal stress, and positive socialization in both public (workplace) and private (social gatherings) that will support, encouragements that would benefit all. However, this concept needs to be validated by others to determine overall feasibility of implementing this concept.

The overall success of this concept can be realized when Cat 1 & 2 merges into Cat 3 where all operations will be managed. Expansion of Cat 3 will perpetuate itself that is self-sustaining and no longer needing the Elder’s funding support. This will allow for more funds to flow elsewhere that is needed. This is not a “one size fits all” program where all programs will flow thru. It will design to assist those programs in need of financial or other means of support. The power of “attraction” is much more powerful than dictating how things are to be for all. Doing so in this manner will seed the evil to grow and thrive by those who oppose this concept. To deny this possibility is allowing that what we don’t want to seed and thrive again.

My Personal Goals

My goal is to implement this concept with the right people to take it forward and get it done right. I do not intend to maintain the position of having to spearhead this project once I have completed my task for other to take charge. Hopefully with the wealth made from investing into foreign currencies and other investments, I will have more than I need to work on my own “pet projects” that I want to create as well. Having the level playing platform to work from will enable me to do this. Therefore, my motives is self serving from this perspective that will enable me under a ‘fair system’ that I know will work and not be diminished by greed or power.

If you feel that this idea is worthy of being funded, I would like to name this fund in honor of the Elders by naming it the “Golden Dragon Humanitarian Trust Fund”. I find it ironic that I am born of the year of the Dragon so it fits me well too. The reason for this is not to flatter the Elders but designed for the “People” to know where the funds came from and why where they will know and appreciate that there are people in high places that really care about their well being. That’s why it’s important that they have a constant reminder to hold them longer in a state of “Appreciation & Gratitude” to help stay focus on becoming a Deliberate Creator, a blended being of our physical self with our true self, an extension of “Source Energy” having to experience the best of both worlds.

Additional Comment

In conclusion, I must add one point that needs to be discussed and determined which is the need to simplify “Man’s Law Upon Ourselves”. There are too many to remember and abide and not clear in its meaning to easily identify IF that law was violated or not. The purpose of Laws is to provide protection for those who are at a disadvantages in protecting themselves of others wishing to do harm. However, harm can come about in 3 ways; physical, mental, and emotional. What the determining factor that makes it a crime is “Intentional Intent”. The Wanting Desire to Inflict Pain Upon Another. So there is 1 Law that would easily replace many laws on the books related to this by simply making a law that states and defines in detail that “It is a Crime to Intentionally Commit Acts (action) Against Another Human for the Sole Purpose of Doing Harm to Another.

Thank you for your time and truly appreciate and grateful for all that you have done.

Hiram Hiramoto Email: hiramoto47@yahoo.com

The Struggle for the New World Order

We are currently in the midst of a great power struggle for who will rein in the new World Order that is being fought over on a global scale. Some are aware, many sense something is not right but the majority of the people in the world don’t really have a clue as to what is currently going on that will affect everyone in this world. Fortunately, this war will soon be over to where all will then be revealed however, the battles will continue on for some time into the future. There’s a lot of people who will be still on the loose to run amuck resistant to what will be in place causing ongoing pain and suffering toward others. The worst and hard parts to grasps and understand are the people who are guilty of these crimes against humanity which for me, some who have been identified was both shocking and sad. I had high regards for these people and now they make me sad and disgusted as to who they really are behind the “mask”. I am positive that I am not alone on these feelings too.

So who are the good guys and bad guys and what is it all about???? Currently, power and control are in the hands of the “Bad Guys” and their reach is far and wide as well. The have numerous names and titles having built huge empires that stem back many generations of having power and control. I use the term “Cabal” as a one word fits all but that’s not really accurate either. These bad guys are extremely wealthy, highly intelligent, globally connected thru specific government agencies, departments, and international groups, associations, etc to the entertainment industries, sports, medicine, legal, and commerce. If I didn’t list it, add that too. On the flip side, their methods and practices are not only barbaric like street thugs using the same methods but more sophisticated depending on the need. In other words, their “evilness” is just as crude as your low level thugs to extort and blackmail. Additionally, they have one main bad habit that allowed the good guys more ammo to take them down and out. It’s a product called Adrenachrome and their lustful cannibalism too. It took a lot to convince me but seeing the pictures and other key documents, there is no doubt to the facts and truths about it. It was information that I had to dig to find it at that time which is getting much easier now and more people are reporting on it as well. I believe that this connection and revelations about the “Cabal” is what prompted strong actions to take them down and out. It is what got me on board with this too. The line that they cross will lead to death and long prison sentences for those who supported but did not participate for just the reason on knowing what they were doing and why. That’s how bad it really is overall. You cannot condone nor support such actions to be taken upon any let alone a child. This is why they all must be taken out of service. Those who feel otherwise are welcome to join them too. Cowards always run and hide boasting on how tough they are only to hide under a table shaking like a leaf. I wanted to see the airplane and stood under a door and watch it drop a 500 pounder until it hit the ground and then realizing the gravity of the situation and started to look for something to fight with scared as shit and definitely no hero or doing some kind of Rambo stuff. Just set up defenses and hope like hell that help is on the way.

Who are the good guys???? Well, I believe the offense really started to form when President Trump took office while many things in the background was being done beforehand. While in office, he laid the ground works and traps that enabled him to manipulate the situation with situations both globally and domestically. He already had all the info on who were the bad guys in political power in both areas. Their focus on President Trump to take him out of power created the distraction for him to pass executive actions that set the traps and legalities for future events that was created that formed the pathway for the Cabal to follow into traps already in place to when it happened. Either removing and replacing key important people or taken out of sight. Has anyone notice that many popular politicians are seldom seen or not at all after the election???? This Q and the Annons operatives has been the source that has been working undercover making most of this possible. The creation of a civilian cyber warfare soldiers working in codes with Q to keep the people who is supportive of the efforts being made informed and telling others important information. They spread the word to stand down after the Jan 6th event which is why no reporting of them coming back as the Cabal anticipated to trap President Trump instead got military soldiers erect fencing around the entire perimeter of Wash DC in turn trapping all the politicians and deep state operatives locked in. Tribunals are currently being conducted at the White House and already reported deaths of those found guilty. There are huge numbers locked up in numerous locations over the world awaiting trial. Public trials are being formed after full disclosure of what has been going on to as well in support. Local and State entities are also participating to restore the sovereignty of USA taking away from being a country ruled by a Corporation, like USA Inc. and ‘THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’ versus The Constitution for the united states of America which is the “organic” constitution by which this nation was originally created. This and many other key changes that will bring back control to the People again. So as I see it, Q is a counter-counter-counter intelligence operation that counter the Cabal’s counter intelligences that sent them down many “rabbit holes” of dead end. There are numerous moving parts to their intelligence operations. I saw the early signs that this was a military covert operation having experienced it myself from my first and only covert top secret assignment that I was volunteered for accepting. I learned a lot and I saw a lot of things that few people have seen.

The Cabal’s description of their new world order is call “The Great Financial Global Reset” where “You own nothing and You will be happy” because they know better how to manage assets that you cannot do for yourself. So on top of that, their justification is that you created this mess from your mismanagement and therefore with this system, they can fix everything to where they want it to manage it better. That in turn, will make the Peoples lives better and “worry free”. If it sound to be to good to be true, then that assumption is correct because it is full of crap. Only those who pledge their allegiance to them may have a chance to live a “good life” until they tire of you. They are experts in creating illusions to make one believe that it is possible which is the trap they want you to take until its too late. They are expert manipulators that can create whatever narrative they want to project to support the claims of facts and justifications. However, with no competition or law to stop them, no telling how living under their rule will be like. Their claims that the world’s population is too big is one indicator of how they view all the people in the world. Any opposition can be easily removed permanently without breaking a sweat from their unlimited resources at their disposal. These are methods used to gain power and control and to keep it as well. However, it is their weak points that has brought them down and out of power and control. Adrenachrome is that weak point for them but above that, their biggest weakness is their fear of the People. They know if exposed, it would make them totally powerless because simply put, “Nobody is going to follow them and do their bidding”. Without the People to control and do all the work and provide all the wealth for them, their wealth alone is meaningless if nobody wants it. They can’t eat it, they won’t buy anything they need if nobody sells it to them, and they will become “nobodies” themselves because nobody will care about them. except to despise them. Money is only good to those who want it from you. So the outlook of them in control is not something that is desirable having a bright future outlook in my opinion. I’m not positive anyone really knows for certain what this kind of future will bring to all the people.

So what about the Good Guys????? It is being called “The Great Awakening” which is pretty catchy way of saying it. Many are claiming that this is the time for the 2nd Coming of Christ. In the field of Astrology, it is the period we are in that is called “The Age of Aquarius” for new beginnings or along that thought. All three have similar common denominators that shares the same message which is “Change”. However, is it a change for all or for only those who believe??? I see a lot of mixed messaging going on between these beliefs. One thing is clear, it is much better and with more opportunities than “The Great Reset” that is being sold by the Cabal. What is concerning to me is the call for everybody to raise their level of awareness and consciousness to what is called the realm of the 5th Dimension. That we currently live in a 3rd Dimension where in that state of consciousness, one cannot move forward into this new dimension to receive all this is being promised as becoming a better world to live in. That those stuck in this current dimension will experience only more hardships and difficulties. Although I believe it myself to be true, that still doesn’t fit well with me overall. Already many are taking a tough stance against those who are not willing to raise their level of consciousness which make me concern as to how this is going to pan out in the future. Their claims that they made the accession is concerning that they would hold this viewpoint against those who are resisting to move forward. Initially, I thought the same too but I realize that this is not the way to react and feel about that situation of others. There must be a win-win solution to this problem but I have not yet figured out what it can be yet.

Under NESARA/GESARA, there will be many opportunities for all along with other legislations and rules to support and expand upon. It will take many years to make a full transition and years of tracking down and prosecuting Cabal members in hiding to face their punishments. Until that is but a distant memory for all which may take several generations of healing to realize this new world order of the Great Awakening. Only time will tell in the future when this occurs.

So this is my broad take on looking at this which is subjective and cannot be concluded to be factual. It is my perspectives of what I know and feel about this matter. When you make your own conclusions and they are inline with the majority of others, it will be that reality that will make it more factual and less speculative. For what one believes deeply is a fact and reality to them and shared by others who believes the same.

4 Sides of a Person

If you google it, it will post information of 3 sides to a person however, while in the military, I took a seminar course that discusses 4 sides of a person. In 3 sides to a person, it states “There are three sides of every person, first is visible to everyone, the second is visible friends and family, and the third that is hidden from everyone else.” The fourth side that I learned is about “what others know about you that you don’t know”. In other words, what others know about you about how you behave or act that you don’t realize it yourself. So there are 2 blind sides from which others don’t know about you and what others know about you, you don’t realize or know that you are doing it too. Could it be for the same reasons why they don’t know about you is why what you don’t know about yourself that others will not tell you??? Interesting thought but I don’t have a clue yet.

The purpose of posting this is more about doing a “Self-Analysis of Yourself” which I starting doing when I was around 17-18yrs old. I woke up finding myself in a situation that spoke loudly to me in asking myself, “What the hell are you doing to yourself???” In taking a hard and difficult look at myself and how I was living and behaving, I knew if I continued on this course, no good will come out of it. It was then I decided to change which was both physically and mentally difficult but I somehow muddled thru it all. As time passed, I didn’t do it as often as I should have but it did get easier to do and go thru. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that what I did is not common and that most people don’t do this for themselves. It did explain as to why people keep acting ignorant to me because I thought everybody at some time in their life does it too. I thought is was a “natural process” that everyone knew and never bother to ask anyone or look into it more. What I took out of this 4 sides to a person info was that it did help me focus better on how to ID or know my weak and strong areas better than before. It built a better foundation that I built upon to factor in when I do my “rediscovering myself” trip that I do when I feel things kind of slipping away from me. The best thing it did for me was to keep important values about what I believe in my overall career paths that I have taken.

Most work I did was in some capacity with management and supervision within all levels of management where I barely got into Top Management activities. I was at the bottom of the totem pole within Top Management positions. At this level, I realized that my values and management principles did not apply and was pretty much barred from advocating in proposing positive growth and changes to the company. They pretty much like the dog-eat-dog that was going on and everyone had some kind of “kingdom” of a power base that they ruled others below them. It happened to every company that I worked at too. I did the only thing I could do which was a terrible idea every time, I quit and left to look for a better place to work which never happened. Finally at the end, I quit entirely and started to do work that did make me compromise my values but in each of those jobs, I somehow found myself back into management having to quit and find work again. I took early retirement knowing that I couldn’t live on it but it was something constant and I didn’t have to do anything for it to get it. With that and hopes to find income opportunities and find a place where I can live on that low income which I ended up moving to Cambodia, not my favorite choice either.

In Cambodia, I learned that no matter how old you are or where you have been, you will learn and experience new things when you live in Cambodia somehow. It is a mix of both good and bad, where the bad, you learn how to side step it and not get caught up like many I have seen done. To where you find dead people lying on a bench or people in the street, where babies lay naked on a busy sidewalk of poor people looking for handouts and old ladies begging for food money because they don’t have a social security system for the elderly and poor. On the flip side, just the opposite and just as intense. Granted that most of this I’ve seen before but what was different was the time, over 40 years ago and Now where I see more of it than before. One would think it would be much less than it was before to now but it is not, it is worst than before in every way too. In my self review there, I realize that to stay could lead me into trouble in attempting to change things there which those in power did not want any changes made unless it benefited them. I had good reasons at that time when I decided to return to USA but this kicked it up a notch towards leaving. I also held back from getting into a serious relationship with this woman with 2 little girls that I knew if I pursued it, I could still live well if I stayed. She was good looking too which made it hard in holding back. I lived in a gated apartment and she was able to get in and check on me bringing me soup in the morning too. So I knew she liked me as well. To get involved knowing that I was going to leave would have caused more harm than good and wasn’t worth having the “benefits”. So I left there with no guilt allowing me to be able to go back if I wanted.

When you understand the perspectives of what the four sides of a person are, it helps you with the knowing that the decisions you make about yourself is solid and purposeful. It allows you to resists from the challenges that would cause you to falter in supporting and defending what you value and believe. It helps to keep you grounded and focus on what is really important that would benefit yourself. When I listen to the song “My Way”, the words have deep meanings to me and it is then when I know that how I led my life up to now has been “My Way” and not Others. In both good times and bad times, the only thing that I can count and and hold on has been maintaining belief and giving me the strength to persevere during hard times. 2 thoughts would enter my mind, one where my father told me during basis training while I was having a hard time, “This too shall pass” and followed up with, “come hell or high water, I’m going to still do it my way or it’s the highway”. I can tell you that it’s a long and lonely highway sometimes.

An Opportunity That Will Never Happen Again

Initially, I did not intend to publish this information due to the overall sensitivity and risks at stake about this matter. However from the time I found out about this to now, many changes from their original plans has changed in how this operation is being handled. It has created an open opportunity for all to be able to get a “piece of the pie” of financial prosperity and wealth.

The original plans was that this operation was to precede or processed before or during the announcement of NESARA/GESARA implementation and a global currency revaluation of all countries who participated in this event. The focus is upon the global currency revaluation and what it means under the new QFS Quantum Financial System that is now processing all financial transaction both domestically and global. It has been decided that all countries who are participating in the event will value their currency to the USTN (US Treasury Note where the USD Federal Reserve Note will be used as a “proxy” to the USTN until removed completely) will be valued on a 1 to 1 ratio of their currency to the USTN. This “equal” 1 to 1 ratio value will make all global transactions easier to determine at face value the amount of the transaction. Bottom line, it makes doing business on a global basis much easier to determine how much money to both parties what is being negotiated. However, due to many complications and delays that has prevented the scheduled release for this event to take place primarily due to many “bad actors” trying to take advantage of this exchange as well as many who are trying to prevent this from taking place, and the amounts of gold recovered to fund this change has created an opportunity for anyone to turn a small investment into a fortune in a very short period of time.

The new plans are to conduct this event while announcing the new international rate of 1 to 1 for all participating currencies from different countries. There are 209 countries in the world that are participating in this event. I have not double check if all the countries who are currently on the exchange will participate but can safely assume that most if not all are on board. To find the best deal is to look at the current exchange rate to the USD and pick the ones you like the best. Only those who are participating into the special exchange rate that is higher will get those rates at the same time as you will get the 1 to 1 exchange rate. Some of these currencies are not on the exchange rates that will be worth a lot. While the people who lives in those countries will directly prosper from the new rate, the general public can also “cash in” that lives outside of these countries. It is simply buying them before the rate change which is suppose to take place anytime after this posting date and before the end of month. However, the dates can change at anytime so I cannot say that it is safe until that time. Also, the question of counterfeit bills could also be a problem too. So there are risks at stake if one of these becomes a problem.

Once I am notified and made contact, I know I will be under a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that will prohibit me to say anything about my transaction with them to anyone. I agree, it is nobody’s business to know anything about the details of the transactions. Each exchange is negotiated differently so there is no “one size fits all”. I am not going to suggest which currency to buy because of what could go wrong. My only suggestion is to look at the current rates and pick the best ones you like and can afford. Remember, if this doesn’t happen, you may take a little loss from the fees/buy back rate but not lose it all.

Those who own “Paper” Gold & Silver should be very concerned about it holding its value and June 28 when BASEL III goes into effect and then at the first of next year when a closer look will be taken most banks affected. The changes made were to stop or reduce the amount of precious metal value manipulation as being done today. It will impact the prices to go up in value with these new guidelines. If it eliminates the current manipulation that going on now, precious metal’s values will dramatically increase in value especially Silver. There is more Silver sold on paper than there is of all physical silver in the world that exists. Having the huge gap between ownership of Silver on Paper versus In Physical Possession based on “Supply and Demand” to determine the actual price will take a huge leap upward in price per ounce.

I believe many of you will dismiss this as a real opportunity based on my observations from those I have talked with already. But I am not doing this for them nor you, I’m doing this for myself and knowing that at least I tried to let others know about this opportunity. So I can rest easy at night and feel good about the wealth I plan to get and not feel sorry for those who did not cash in or take advantage of this event. In short, I will not feel sorry for anyone nor feel bad about having my own wealth while seeing other poor and struggling. I took actions over and above to help others be able to help themselves. I will not “spoon feed” or try to convince others as well. Equally, those who did take advantage of this will not feel obligated in anyway to me for “making” them wealthy. It was an investment decision that they made on their own too. It’s what I call a Win-Win situation just as all situations should find ways as a viable solution to a problem. It doesn’t have to be “Winners” and “Losers” as we have all been conditioned to believe. Both parties or more can benefit and in different ways from the outcome. You just have to look and want it badly enough which is the problem why it is not done. They simply don’t want that kind of outcome because they don’t feel like they Won from the outcome. I beg to differ.

Secret Society (The Dragon Family)

This infamous Dragon Families is not a conspiracy theory but actually exist. The link below is an article that gives references to their actual existence. https://globalslaves.blogspot.com/2012/01/trillion-dollar-lawsuit-against.html

This article supports the reality that NESARA/GESARA (National Economic Security And Reformation Act/Global Economic Security And Reformation Act and supports the financial transition to the QFS (Quantum Financial System) that not only applicable to USA but for all Countries in the World. Current membership is 209 Countries participating in this program.

One of the prime sources of wealth to support this change is the Dragon Family. In this article, it shows the motive by the Federal Reserve and associated entities that caused 9-11. Anyone who has done research on this subject knows that there are many unanswered questions and acts done that promoted the reason for being a Terrorist attack. A good example is when they discovered a “Driver’s License” of one of the Terrorists who was on the plane. Also, it was found by FBI agents if I remember correctly soon after the explosion. Within a few days, we know who did it which is hard to believe it was just good detective work.

What makes this believable is that the motive was about MONEY. This is the “Cabal’s” usual MO (Modus Operandi). All criminal organization is motivated by Greed & Power. However, that act that they committed did create an opportunity to push forward NESARA which was signed into law by force to make Clinton sign the bill into law in 2000. The pressure on the Cabal to pay off the Dragon Family and faced with the implementation of NESARA countered these actions by doing what they did which was to make money killing all the people in the Twin Towers and First Responders. Yet like today, Americans in general has chosen to ignore all the signs of criminalities they committed. The Cabal’s powers are wide and deep so they knew no matter how crude the attack was, they could still cover it up. MSM is their protector which they own all major media network. Any truth revealed was quickly quashed or debunked as being “conspiracy theories”. Details of this account can be read at the link belowhttps://gesara.news/nesara-history/

President Kennedy (IMO) was the last patriotic President that put the people’s needs first until President Trump. He was assassinated days before enacting an EO to disband the Federal Reserve which was the prime reason to kill him. He knew all the “Secrets” and planned to take them all down. After his assassination, a small group of “Patriots” gathered that created the “Q” Movement. High ranking and specialized Military Personnel. This group led to the signing of the NESARA act in 2000. President Trump has taken the task to complete what President Kennedy started and to take out all of the Cabal and Deep State people. This has already happened and will continue until completed. We are close to the end.

What makes this hard to accept for most, including myself, is “How are they going to fund such a project on a global scale?” The answer is the Dragon Family’s Humanitarian Wealth fund. I have had 3 sources that can verify the amount of wealth available to the world. The best reference source is Dr. Charlie Ward who is the voice of the QFS system to keep Patriots up to date to what is going on without revealing secrets that would endanger the implementation of the gigantic task. https://drcharlieward.com/ (see past videos posted for free)

When Eric Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA, what he revealed and gave the “Q” group an opportunity to “listen in” to everyone connected and gather enough information to gather evidence against the Cabal. In retrospect, Q applied the same tactics that they have preyed upon the people to control and move their agendas forward. Wikileaks also contributed greatly towards intelligence gathering. What was discovered was a global network of Human Trafficking that also supported their need to produce Adrenachrome. It also revealed the origin of the Cabal dating back centuries of ruling. This created a higher priority of need to free these people in addition to taking away their wealth that is robbing the world. Their criminal acts are the same as you would see in a Mafia type movie. The Mafia by the way is one of the enforcement arms of the Vatican who controls everything. Have you ever seen a Protestant Mafia Leader? As the evidence was compiled to where they knew and had hard evidence of all the important heads of government, Royalty and all the rest where President Trump after getting elected made a world wide tour to charge each of these people into submission or be exposed. He also made EO’s and passed legislation regarding Human Trafficking as well in which I didn’t understand at that time. However, MSM buried or suppress any reporting on this subject that was meaningful.

If we do not protect our children and those who cannot defend themselves, it is a sad day for Humanity. For this reason alone is why the Cabal’s rein will end soon. The world cannot take hearing all the truths all at once, I assume they will release it in bits and pieces to keep the shock level down and to deter mob riots to seek out more of these evil criminals. All those who participated knowing why they were taken especially for use to produce Adrenachrome are equally guilty that includes the people who use it as well. To understand how evil these people are, check out this website explaining it in more detail. Here’s a short clip by Robert David Steel briefly describing it all. https://www.bitchute.com/video/XddSA9doDMPY/ His main website where he has published much info about it all. https://thesteelereport.com/

The Covid 19 pandemic is nothing but a ruse to suppress the world economy, rob the world as much as they can to break the people in submission of the “Great Global Reset” plan where they advocate “You will Own Nothing and You will be Happy! It’s targeted against older people in poor health and anyone else having the same symptoms. Their manipulation of the pandemic is how they plan to justify the “Great Global Reset”.

It is a bio-weapon. Their testing and vaccination program is used infect people with nano particles when activated by 5G, they can implement behavior controls and even cause death. It is sad to see millions of people walking into a death trap. All this done to save humanity is their justification. 5g activate vaccine: https://beforeitsnews.com/awakening-start-here/2021/03/the-vaccine-is-activated-by-5g-15171.html

Their confidence of pulling this all off is knowing from scores and decades of planting seeds of deception, mind control (MK12), distractions so people become totally unaware of what is going on. Ask anyone about sports, movies, music and they can talk all day long. Ask them about politics and world affairs, only few can hold a decent intellectual conversation. So this false confidence is what they are going forward but will be to no avail. They have already lost but don’t know it or won’t give up. The recent attack on the underground chambers of the White House consisting of over 200 miles of tunnels and rooms where special ops team won, when they surrendered, it was a booby trap to kill all of about 200 men and women. They intend to destroy as much as they can before giving up. Why? Because they know death awaits them. However all that brought them is no mercy from now on. White House Underground Tunnels start 26min mark: https://beforeitsnews.com/war-and-conflict/2021/02/breaking-news-marines-chinese-soldiers-mass-gunfire-arrests-trump-must-video-2473457.html About Dumbs: https://www.bitchute.com/video/lIV33OY0zqos/ More on DUMBS: https://www.bitchute.com/video/Yp8XHJeQe5nU/

The 2020 Presidential election debacle is focused on the “Deep State” where we now know almost everyone connected to their seditious acts and exposed Foreign Countries involvement where China is the main instigator. Many have already been arrested and some executed by Military Tribunal. Isn’t it odd that the White House is still closed off and fenced inward from escaping versus protecting? Isn’t odd that only a handful of politicians are being seen live on TV but mostly video recording? The same applies to Hollywood too. I’ve been googling for recent pics of certain celebrities like Tom Hanks where the latest reporting is “Where is He?”. Also many of these famous people don’t really look like them. Look at Joe Biden a few years ago and look this one now. Here’s some examples of what I mean https://beforeitsnews.com/politics/2021/03/clones-doubles-trannies-whos-your-daddy-3228457.html also video of clones: https://beforeitsnews.com/science-and-technology/2021/01/see-for-yourself-the-world-of-clones-how-you-can-tell-the-difference-must-see-video-2989263.html

The announcement of the existence of Alien Beings is one subject that is difficult to accept but seeing and knowing facts on this matter, they do exist and was announced to the world by 400 scientists to world media in which US MSM refused to participate and report. Alien technology that will be revealed is info that they will have to release, but have no idea on how they will tackle this problem in announcing it to the world. However, when all is revealed, it will be clear how we got to where we are at today. This is a subject for later discussion.

I have spent thousands of hours doing research and studying for the past 15 yrs but in the last 6 months, what has been revealed is mind boggling to say the least. It will take time to settle into this new reality. For some, their reality will continue on in total denial until accept by the majority. You have to weed out the facts from opinions posted. So it’s been picking pieces of the puzzle and tying them together to see the big picture. Time will tell if what I am stating is true or not.

The good news is that when victory is declared by the “White Hats”, it will all be revealed to what is really true or not. NESARA/GESARA will lead to global prosperity and most importantly a “level playing field of opportunities for all”. I realized that my past business/investment failures was due to not having a level playing field, in other words I’m playing a rigged game to lose or keeping solvent. So those who put forth the effort and hard work will have a better chance to succeed. There will be always those who will try to continue to milk or take advantage of others success. That will always be like that. Hunger and poverty will eventually end giving the opportunity to raise standard of living world wide to be much better than today. We must never forget the past and insure that people like this can never get into power again. People who live off the bondage of welfare will have the hardest time to adjust but I’m confident that all will be good for them in time too. I for one am awaiting notice and approval for this humanitarian fund that the Dragon Family will fund that will provide trillions of dollars for humanitarian purposes. I plan to open up a Non-Profit Credit Union with zero interest loans, low cost fees, with certain stipulations on the Borrower to insure against default. The main reason why it will work is that no profit is taken out of system so profits made are to cover operating expenses and reserve back up. Most of the cost will be toward employee pay and benefits. The other key reason is that all money loan is not borrowed and need not be paid back to the Dragon Family. So the focus is on how the system is designed to recycle the money. This concept is using the banking system for the people’s benefit to profit from, not the bank. All this will be revealed soon so people need to decide who they want to back, President Trump or Biden. It’s that simple.

Saving the Children of the World Will Unite & Free Us All Soon!

3 March 2021 by Hiram Hiramoto

Upon listening to Abraham Hicks whom I give all credits to that guided me to realizing what, how, & why all that is going on in the world today. The proof and evidence will be the overall reaction by all people in the world when exposed. That time draws near and certain. How can this be proven? The proof is answering this one question, Are All Children of the World Worth Saving and Protecting? Your answer and knowing what people you know would think and feel will answer the question as to whether or not Saving the Children of the World is worth uniting and putting aside our differences to weed out all the evil people who are involved which are many.

If we take a “Moon Shot” look at ourselves versus 30,000 feet or whatever, we will also realize that we got “Neighbors” in a neighborhood unlike the likes we have ever seen and only a handful of people know and keep secret. This in turn, led me to realizing that we live in a very “coded” & “secretive” type global society. So the bottom line is this, “how much do we really know that is true or not?” Personally, I don’t know but can speculate for sure that what is going on in this world right now is not normal nor right. Both Govt/Media and Patriots all over the globe are all hard at work against each other including myself until now. I now know and understand in general what is going on today. Waiting, watching & doing what I can to alert others so they can position themselves in a better place. That’s really all we can do for ourselves “individually” too. It’s must be that way too.

When we talk about justifying “Majority Rules”, that’s great when you are the majority but how do you feel about it when you are not? You can screw me for the good of all? Sorry, no thank you. Well, imagine a “Cause” that would ignite all the people of the world to stand up and say “No Thank You” and “Good-bye”.

I remembered a time before seeing missing children on milk carton days. I had to go back that far in memory to realize today is not even close to what America was like growing up. How many generations have we gone thru up to now? That’s how many people who don’t know what it was like back then. What group of people have the virus targeted primarily? Does that seem like it was coincidental? Have you really stop and taken time to just look around and ask yourself does all this feel right or normal that is being reported on today? Have you taken the time to really find answers to where you now feel OK about everything? Or does the answers still troubles You?

I credit Abraham Hicks because she inspired me to look into myself for the answers by asking questions similar to these but perfectly worded. There is so much to learn and joyful to create our own realities. To do this in a manner not to interfere with others and to do no intentional harm. This epic moment of this “Great Awakening” is US, to know who we really are and why we are here. It all about You & Me. Just how we all get there is as it is now, for some it will be easy, hard or not at all.

The term “Evil” has been distorted in its meaning to what is really should mean. Negative Vibrations. We categorize things and “either-or”, good-bad”, etc. but isn’t there a 3 choice? Neutral? I like the phrase ” I don’t Care either way”. I have been haunted lately with the idea that all things come in 3. To this day, I look to prove that wrong and unable to find a situation that would prove it wrong. What this idea infers is that all situations have 3 possible outcome or are designed by 3. Examples are “the father, son and holy ghost”, forward, backwards & neutral, Ying, Yang and Centered, yes, no or maybe, and so on. These all have 3 distinct choices. There’s a connection to all of this but uncertain as to why. I am digressing but I wanted to throw this in too.

Between that point of Positive and Negative, Meditation is the best way to describe it where you try to find your point of entry into either side. What does evil rituals or going to religious services try to accomplish? To draw you towards the direction they want you to move towards of thinking and believing in promoting their agenda as being yours. It depends on how gullible we are into believing their beliefs as to where you positioned yourself with them.

So if you can remember if all things come in 3’s, but you see only 2 sides, have you questioned what the 3rd would be? If there is a 3rd choice at all? Truth is factual where as fact may not reveal the total truths. It may only reveal parts of the larger truth that is still hidden of its intended purpose. Is it possible that by uncovering the 3rd alternative may reveal that larger truth? A question unanswered is a problem unsolved yet or may lead to another problem making the problem a “symptom” and not the real problem. Many solutions do not resolve the problem and can be used to manipulate choices made designed to solve another problem that is hidden. A good example have been the Stimulus Bills passed, was any of them written to solve the problem? Why are we working on a 3rd stimulus where the first one should have covered us until the virus was under control? Why do people condemn those who ask such questions and become so hostile and threatening? Is that logical in anyway that is suppose to protect you? Yet many allow those to be persecuted and support such actions while complaining how things are getting so bad too. Unbelievable how people can behave sometiimes.

To circle back to my point, soon I think we will all witness how the majority of the people in the word will react when they learn about the real truths of what has been for a long time going on in the world. How all this is going to change for the overall betterment of mankind. If I am wrong, then I can eat crow while all of you can laugh. But if I am right, how will you act? What are you going to do? It matters not to me because I know the direction to where I am headed towards. A direction that you are more than welcome to come along too and not away from. Depending on where you are at with yourself, a yes or no may not be right at the moment but a “maybe” may just position yourself to a better place. A 3rd choice if you will.

Final Chapter: New Beginnings 2020 3rd American Revolution

Today is March 1, 2021, the start date of the coming of “The Ides Of March” that is projected to be March 15. However, due to the overall complexities and hurdles to overcome to make this and other events to happen, cannot be guided by timelines. Rather, by key events to happen as planned. Every battle won or lost affects how and when future events will occur. Setbacks are expected to happen and therefore patient, secrecy and careful planning is needed to overcome such adversities. These are not excuses but facts because it always happens in most cases when looked back upon from start to end and more than once too.

As we inch closer to this “Grand Finale” in freeing ourselves from the grips of enslavement by the “Cabal”, increasing numbers of “Red Pill Moments” of People all over the world and waking up to realizing that they have been dumb down, deceived, oppressed and being slaughtered and raised like cattle to feed their grotesque needs and desires. From their perspectives, we are looked upon like a Rancher raising cattle awaiting to be slaughtered. When that sinks in, it will then lead quicker to their demise.

We are nearing that final chapter that will open the doors to a new “reality”. History is yet to be written about the outcome of the historical global war of “Right” vs “Wrong”, or “Evil” vs “Good”. Those still undecided will soon have to make their choice of what direction this planet and all the inhabitants of this world on whether or not they will live in a freer society where all will have opportunities to prosper and thrive or continue to “breed” as cattle to satisfy the lustful desires of the Cabal. They recently advocated in a ad towards their proposed “Great Currency Reset” paraphrasing to the effect of “Be Happy in Owing Nothing Anymore because we will forgive all you debts today” Really??? Because tomorrow, everything you possess will only be an illusion of “ownership” and can never become as wealthy as they are especially if not one of their “chosen ones” as lackeys. As one of them stated, “When they go Low, Kick them while they are still down!!” The people cheered when they heard that too!!

This invisible global war where all facets of the Cabal’s control is being used to keep a lid from the global public at large. They know they are losing ground fast as each day goes by knowing their destiny will be either death or life imprisonment. Therefore, to expect them to just give up because we “legally got them”, well, take that to the bank and see if they cash that in!!! It means nothing to them because look at what is happening now and already taken place. The southern border in chaos, criminals being released, corrupted law enforcement agencies and judicial systems, and corrupt politicians with unelected government officials calling the shot unaccountable for their actions or let off easy when found guilty. But, refuse to where a facemask or gather in too large a group, off to the bellows for you. Make a statement on social media that they don’t like, banned, censored, cancelled, or whatever they can to make your life miserable to trying to express your opinion that is detrimental to them. Follow the Science is one that really cuts the cake of hipochracy especially when caught lying. Changing the meaning of basic words are ways to get around lies or make a false point too. The language of politics and law were purposefully design to be complex and confusing as well as our financial system in order to hide their crimes. I know now what my professor meant when I took a Business Law course. He said at start of class, “Ignorance of the Law Excuses No Man”. In other words, GUILTY even if you aren’t aware of it to be Law. Think about that for a minute as to what that means. The Cabal is a superior force driven by the lust for greed, power that kidnaps, torture children, rape, harvest their blood and eat their flesh that is both a deadly addictive LSD type drug as well as a “fountain of youth” serum that keeps them young. It was this discovery that made way to boost organized efforts to stop it once and for all. Many years and sacrifices have been made up to this point to end this horrible chapter of mankind’s existence. This discovery is why they will fail to continue to rule anymore. Although we know this is a battle to the end, our choice is clear, live free or die trying because submitting to their rule will only means suffering and pain will be prolonged until you do die when no longer useful to them. There are billions of people to replace you so you mean nothing to them and looked upon as “Cattle”. Until the majority of the world’s population believes this as True, a Truth that I had much difficulty accepting, eliminating the Cabal totally will not happen. Why? Because there will be some who will in their disbeliefs, give sanctuary and help to seed their regrowth back to run amuck again. The amount of survivors and protection given will be the seeds of evil in the future. As the global society grows in population empowering itself with the new knowledge and understanding of who we are, it will shine light upon any emergence of the Cabal’s attempt to regain power again. As we grow stronger, they grow weaker and therefore focus upon empowering others to do the same in a never ending process until all people and new developing children to have effective learning programs in place.

We should look at the future then not in fear but excited and eager to take part of the beginning of “Humans” to become apart of a group of Alien Galactic Beings that oversees a quadrant of the known Universe. For Star Trek fans, to realize the chance to go to places no man has ever gone before in space is a dream come true. When this is slowly realized by all, it should be the turning point to make all “non-believers” of what is going on right now to become on track with the rest of the People in the World. We would then achieve “World Unity” as another Alien Race to join the Galactic Council of other Alien Races co-existing in our Galaxy. Those of us who had a sneak peek of the new technologies to come can hardly wait for it all to be revealed and given access to these technologies. It is totally incredible as to what they can do. The best part will be to interact with these alien beings and learn about their worlds.

It is understandable to me to not accept these allegations by most people because it would be totally demoralizing to know that the beliefs and truths that was accepted by all to be false and misleading is hard to swallow and admit. A really hard “Glass Ceiling” to break. However, as more truths are revealed, it becomes easier to accept because not believing will become the exception, and not the rule. As my Dad would say, “This Too Shall Pass” when I had my only 1 call to make during military basic training complaining on how badly we were treated. Hoping for some sympathy and advice, I replied “That’s it? This too shall pass, that going to get me thru this ordeal? Really? !! He replied laughing!! Lucky for him, it did help me get thru basic by repeating those words when times got bad. Didn’t really understood how or why it worked until years later. I have to chuckle when I use it other people to give advice and seeing their reaction like mine when I heard it for the first time. I know if they use it properly, it will help them get thru rough times.

In my first article about this subject, I talked about being ‘best of times’ and the ‘worst of times’, however, it is much clearer as to how much is now at stake. Until the epic moment happens that will expose all those involved, some their recent actions shows how desperate they are to hang on to power and control. These will be futile attempts to secure themselves but changes have been already done to block their efforts. MSM/Social Media is one of the few weapons they have left that will soon be lost. That will be their final moments of power dwindling away that will leave them exposed and defenseless to the people. This will be their final chapter of their existence and rule. A new beginning that will lead us toward space and beyond. To go where no man has gone before. The best is yet to come!!

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Open opportunity under the new NESARA/GESARA “Quantum Financial System (QFS) global system replacing our current national/global financial system controlled by the Cabal.

Hiram Hiramoto 21 Feb 2021

The announcement of this change is planned anytime during the week starting Feb 22, 2021. During such time that is also unknown will be the shutdown of all global communication and the take over by the US Military of all media broadcasting stations to all the world of what is and will be taking place from now on. At this point we will receive confirmation of what I predict will happen as well as further instructions on what to do. That all being said, I will tell you what I have done and what I plan to do next based on all the facts/intel I have compiled/already know. I do not have time to present all the evidence or prove my theory to be true or not. You can opt to believe it or not, it matters not to me. I’m just sharing my “knowing” to all of you so that you can have a “piece of the pie” too. A once in a lifetime long shot gamble to make that can turn 100’s into hundred of thousands to millions that will have equal value to the dollar. I have spent all that I have and regret not having more to tell you how sure I am of this to happen. So there are 3 groups of investments that you can make that will have great returns if you invest into it now and even after knowing it will be all true too.

Now or Never Investments

1. Foreign Currency of countries that will be apart of the QFS system. Only their current currency will trade back “equal” numbers of theirs to ours. A 100 yen note would equal 100 usd. It’s that simple. However when this announcement is made, all bets are off to buy it because there will be a complete shut down to do anything until announced on the media from the military.

Iraq Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and Indonesian’s currency is what I bought thru a currency dealer from amazon, ebay and an exchange site but you have to buy it COD in which there’s no time left.

I have not verified all the countries who belong to this system except for ours and the ones above that are the best deals. However, getting some Yen and Won may be a good idea that I just now thought about even after the make the announcement.

2.21.21 Update

I just learned that there were some selected few that were able to cash out their currencies and what is reported are the following amounts given. I check several selling sites and you can still buy Iraq Dinar, Vietnamese Dong and Zim Notes (the cash outs will be only given if used for humanitarian purposes only)

It was stated the the Iraq Dinar is key for the roll out of this change. Other foreign currencies would follow afterwards.

What wasn’t mentioned is the Indonesian currency which is also not rated with a high dollar ratio conversion rate. I believe these notes will go up in value later on during the general currency conversion periods. Iraq Dinar is the one to watch right now.

SWIFT will continue for some transactions for about a year, all new transactions will be on QFSEveryone was trying to go by the middle of next week.Iraqi Dinar around $3.65, $4.47, $6.00, back-screen rate popped up this week (not there now) $10 street rate – could come out at $15 plus, Contract rates higher.General Public Dong between $.47 and $2.27 Contract, $6-$8Zim $.11 to $.22, some as high as $.60 per 100 Trillion note


2. Gold/Silver and other precious metals should go up in price especially Silver

Bitcoin from all that I have seen will be a big loser for many. It was highjacked by the Cabal and so will the value that it manipulated too. This leads into the last investment speculation: XRP coin/stock.

Just google XRP and you will see its relationship to the CFS system. XRP is the primary program that “distributes” the CFS system and it is selling right now under $ .60 a coin.

Before I go into XRP, why and what made this “real” to me is when I discovered the detail criteria on the “ways and means” on how they plan to go about it. The most important part was how they will gather and confiscate the cabal’s money and all the players associated with them which is thru criminal convictions, all their assets owned is confiscated, returned and accounted. This is how the “Redistribution of Wealth” from the 1% to the 99%. Those who followed that figured it out like myself and others is only a small percentage of even those who has followed it but cannot believe the value exchange will occur like this. For that very reason, the many who “Disbelieve” will also lose out too. The good news is that what more to come from this is worth much more than making money. When all is revealed, there will be more than enough for all. Taking advantage of this opportunity will only make the ride smoother and better.


Making an investment into BUYING/HOLDING XRP coins right now is because this company is the developer of the system’s program that operate the QFS system. It has been operating as it promotes but on a “limited” basis only and just recently started. The coin value represents its current value “as is” not taking in consideration the potential value when contracted to the CFS system when it become official. It is operating “Unoffically” right now and valued as such.

The lawsuit involving XRP thru Ripple does not affect what XRP is doing as a business. It is a Cabal trick to prevent XRP from doing business but it will not work. Ripple’s lawsuit does not involve XRP business operations. They do not have the time for this delay tactics to stop QFS from starting.

It will not take long for investors to “catch on” regarding XRP investment potential and I expect that coin to go up like Amazon on Steroids. I’m hoping to have enough time to get some asap. I will still buy it after I can cash out my foreign currency.

After cashing in my foreign currency, I plan to buy as much land and land/businesses as possible for prime locations. It won’t take long before prices will skyrocket and not worth it.

So these are the 3 big lottery winners for what is coming soon. The video link below is meant to read that talks about the QFS system. I will provide a brief description of more links to review.


Update 2.21.21

I just learned more about this system in which it is now being leaked out as being legitimate and running. Yesterday it was 54 cents and now about 64 cents per coin. That’s huge especially that most sites because of the lawsuit stopped selling it. So to go up this much in value having less sites to purchase from says a lot!

There are other key systems involved too that is being disclosed as well. All stocks/investments into companies that are key to the QFS system should equally go up in value.

If you make money from foreign currencies sale, this and silver/gold would be my advice to buy big into and sit on it and watch the market. You got to know when to hold em and know when to fold em.

Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Sun. 21 Feb. 2021


Notification for Tier 4B exchanges/ redemption was still expected by Mon.-Tues. 22-23 Feb, while top banks were looking for a Tues. 23 Feb. RV start.

Because of this unrest combined with Interim Military Government planned Mass Arrests of global and political elites, there was a possibility that sometime soon the US would be in a national lockdown, including takeover of the Mass Media and order for school and business closures for around two weeks.

Bitcoin was created by the Central Banking System, D*eep State, do not buy, it will go down a lot.

-) Do not part with your currency until official exchange.

-) The QFS active, will be the greatest wealth transfer ever.

By Spring or Summer—Med-Beds will be announced, to help with the people who took the bad vaccines, to get healthy again. Free-energy devices announced, like Zero Point Energy. Anti-Gravity announced, replicators, and Galactic Disclosure, with trade with all the civilizations in the Universe and the Milky Way Galaxy. NESARA will be invoked for American and GESARA will be invoked for the rest of the world countries.

Everything You Need to Know about QFS

Here’s hard evidence that this system exists.


The Quantum Financial System

by Paul Vallely | Feb 18, 2021 | Economy

The Quantum Financial System – QFS has no comparison to anything that has ever been introduced to the world before. It has no peer; it has no equivalent in advanced technology of any other system before it. It is brand new. It reigns supreme in the technology it applies, in order to accomplish the one hundred percent financial security and transparency all currency account holders require. With the QFS, the monetary system of the world can easily be changed to encompass gold-backed currencies that completely eliminate the use of the old Cabal central banking system. Regrettably, to fully comprehend the advanced QFS-structure, there doesn’t exist an equivalent technology to serve as an example.

Without the ability to certify existing money into the new QFS, all Central Bank activities will cease to have any relevance within this new financial system. A country that is not GESARA compliant will be left out of the QFS and eventually will be left out of the international trade. Their oil or grains, or whatever, are still valuable but how is a GESARA compliant nation going to pay for commodities to a non-participant in the QFS?

The money cannot be transferred. Non-compliant countries, if any, will be left to barter commodities or work out a credit exchange with other countries, a system that is not presently available to do business at any level of relevancy. Talking about third world countries – non-compliant countries will be relegated to fourth or fifth world countries.

The formula includes, in ground assets, the economy of the country, its awake population – which is one of the country’s assets, and a number of other parameters to determine the value of the country’s currency. This formula is to be applied to each country so that all currencies will be on par value with all other countries.

The application of the formula and the common value of all gold, means that one country’s currency has to have the same value as another country’s currency. This is called the Global Currency Reset – the reset of all currencies on par with all other world currencies and each one has a gold certificate to validate authenticity. It’s a requirement of each country to use the reset formula and apply the worldwide standard, to assure the QFS to function as planned. That is the reason why a country must be GESARA compliant to participate in the QFS.

Unity makes power

Awake people want to meet other awake individuals, without masks, for the reason, we together are stronger, and abler to defeat the Deep State cabal quicker. Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore. Uniting with others who are like-minded people creates and shapes our best reality. Worldwide awake networks are created, like in the Marbella / Malaga area who have been around for several months with increasing numbers of participants. If you would like to meet up with them

One of Many Key Power Players

Located under “Mission and Goal” tab: General Valley

General Vallely

Paul E. Vallely

MG Paul E. Vallely US Army (ret,)Paul E. Vallely, Major General, US Army (ret) was born in DuBois, Pa. He retired in 1991 from the US Army as Deputy Commanding General, US Army, Pacific in Honolulu, Hawaii. General Vallely graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned in the Army in 1961 serving a distinguishing career of 32 years in the Army.

General Vallely has been a military analyst on television and radio for over ten years. He is also a guest lecturer on National Security, international political, economic issues, strategic planning matters and the Global War against Radical Islam and other threats to America. He and LTG Thomas McInerney authored the book, “Endgame” – Blueprint for Victory for Winning the War on Terror”, “Warfooting” and “Baghdad Ablaze”. He is a member and founder of the Iran Policy Committee. He is the Chairman of the Stand Up America. He was the senior military analyst for the Fox News Channel from 2000 -2007. General Vallely conducts an average of 4-6 national radio show interviews per week and is well known for his published articles on a multitude of subjects and issues.

Taking the “Clear Pill”

A Time for Celebration!!


Hiram Hiramoto


It will soon be revealed to the World where for centuries, a wicked Cabal that evolved and grew that has suppressed “All of Mankind” in the World will rule no more. An “Emergency Broadcast Alert” on all US communications that will announce information as to what will happen next. During this period, all will be revealed.

In keeping lockstep with the “Blue Pill – Red Pill” theme, I came up with I believe is the final pill, the “Clear Pill”. The Clear Pill represents “Clarity”. Upon hearing many “Truths” and realizing how horrific all that has happen as well as realizing all that you believe to be TRUE was all LIES/DECEPTIONS to keep you in control. Realizing all of this is like getting blasted with both barrels of a double barrel shotgun. It is unknowing as to how many will survive going thru this “awakening” and how it will affect them afterwards. The need for being respectful and compassionate towards one another during this period should be reminded to All.

Emotional Survivors from this outcome will gradually realize a whole new world of opportunities and creativity leaving all the hardships and negativity of the past. A world where “thinking outside of the box” is the new standard. Be able to shine a light upon darkness to expose and keep it out of harms way. Where the fears of NOT Trying is worst that Trying. Imagine that! So here lies the point of this story. When you take the Clear Pill and realize Who you are and what you are, you will know and understand why we exist. For we are all that exist and will be and during this existence, by creating more, we can also experience new joys in this never ending process. So enjoy the ride and go with the flow. It is a painful process to try and swim upstream. If you “ALLOW” yourself to not keep “Negative Emotions/Feelings” within yourself, it ALLOWS you to gently flow downstream. In other words, “Don’t Worry!! Be Happy!!.

2020 The 3rd American Revolution

Today is October 10th, 2020, well into the 10th month of this year. Tomorrow begins the process of nominating a new Justice to the Supreme Court. Within the next month, we hopefully will know who the next President of the United States will be too. The Global Pandemic still rages on while Mother Nature ravages the lands with floods, out of control wildfires, hurricanes plus more. Numerous various groups of people are at odds with one another of death, enslavement, destruction of property & goods that make it less safe, more impoverish for people all over the world. An overall global effect is more misery and sorrow and less joy and happiness. Disheartening to put it mildly.

What I see currently happening in America is an attempt to gather power and control of the US Govt as well as State and Local Public Offices as well. The results of the elections will determine who and where each side has gain or loss. Whoever the Majority will then determine what changes to expect forecasted. The 3rd American Revolution will begin anyway. The Winner will only determine how bad and intense the battles will be. However, the abilities of the Federal Govt to curtail or subdue whatever happens are strongly supported which then could lead to the transfer of power to the losing powers in control.

Who are the Enemies of USA? There are many and the best way is to divide them into 2 broad categories. The categories that I see them are:

  1. Outside Forces: Foreign Governments, Organized Radical Groups, Crime Organizations, and Globalist Elites.
  2. Inside Forces: Political Radical Parties, Lobbyist Groups/Associations, Various types of Media/Internet organizations, Deep State Operations, and Crime Organizations.

There are many “Conspiracy Theories” as to whose directly responsible for trying to overthrow the government. The fact that they exist should be proof to dismiss the notion that such forces do exist and should bear caution upon all people. These “Entities” having different agendas of their cause may differ but uses similar or same venues to achieve their goals. In some situations, they may collaborate where both parties would benefit where they both gaining more Power, Control, and Wealth. If you consider a common denominator “ulterior motive” of the “one’s lust for wealth & power”, it’s both understandable yet frightening.